HELP! I’m Stuck

This should be easy! This should NOT be stressful! Yet here I sit, head to God, pen in my mouth trying to get words on paper. This should be fun. This should be play, but right now it’s nothing but a forced pain in the ass. It is unfair that at all hours of night these amazing, beautiful , fascinating ideas just stream out of my consciousness, like a river of liquid amethyst, sparkling in my mind. So the question begs to ask, why do I not seize the moment? Why not get out of bed and write the blog there and then? It may be 2am, but my body tells me that nows the time. I’m surely not sleeping.

How many times a day do we ignore those moments that our minds tell us are not meant to be? We push aside a wild idea, a dream, a conversation with someone we love because it’s inconvenient or scary or just too much work? Or worst of all, maybe it will require us to be vulnerable? How often do we never take a chance because we tell ourselves the timing isn’t right? We fear being rejected, so we put aside the plan, or the chance, or the dream. We postpone the conversation, the hug, the embrace, the first move. We let our thoughts take over. “Later will be better.” “I’ll only be laughed at.” “My wife, father (insert pertinent relative) will be mad, sad, angry, hold a grudge”. We listen to our over-thinking as the all-knowing, sharply dressed, well-spoken dictator it is. We plan with our mind and expect our body to follow. So the conversations never come. The dream begins. The body never gets off the sofa. The artwork never sees the light of day. The love never gets made.

What if, just for a few moments we listen to our feelings first? We listen with our bodies and expect our thoughts to follow. We step outside our minds and let our vulnerable, soft-as-a kitten underbelly of truth be exposed? Just for a moment we don’t consider the timing, or the reaction of others, or the voice–(your’s, dad’s, sister’s, whoever’s)–telling us ‘no” and talking us out of it.

What if we just make the call at 3am? Take the chance? Begin the dream? Sail around the world? Write the frickin’ blog, or book, or poem? Embrace? Kiss? Start the awkward conversation? Make art? Make love? Get off the fucking couch? How about if we just rearrange the furniture, or go swimming, or take a walk? Moving from stuck to un-stuck does not happen overnight, but It is not a forced journey. There is work involved, but if you do it right, it feels like play. I know. I have been there myself. Maybe you too are just listening to the wrong thing. Maybe it’s your time to get un-stuck?

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