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banyan tree.jpgWhat’s in a name?  When I began coaching, and was settling on a name for my business, I was given lots of advice.  One of my teachers and mentors, whose opinion means the world to me, told me this, “It won’t matter what kind of clear and polished business name you come up with.  Most people will just google your name.” She was right. So I soon became Elizabeth Smith Life Coaching. However, with a name like Elizabeth Smith, it can easily be presumed that any Google-er will have to weed out a page or 2 of doctors, lawyers, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers before bumping into my website.  I was okay with that, as most of my clients come from word-of-mouth and referrals.

Until….One night.  I dreamt that I was standing in the middle of a misty clearing.  The air was moist and warm. There was sunlight streaming through the tops of enormous, drippy, mossy trees that surrounded the clearing.  Tiny flecks of gold and pink and white spun through the misty air. I was true, at peace, calm, my essential self. I wandered slowly into the woods.  The scent of the air was thick and sweet with rain and gardenias. The canopy of vines soared a hundred feet above my head, and the trunks that held them were massive, and wide, heavy and vast.  A rich and lavish collection of stalks. Each one separate, but the same. Independent, yet all at once a part of a whole. I walked toward the trees, touching each with a gentle hand, I could feel there grittiness under my palms, and was aware of the connection I had with each.  I too was a part of the whole. Each limb and vine, a part of me; a part of my vulnerability and human experience.

I awoke from this most tender of dreams.  My soul was buzzing. All of it seemed true and real and essential.  (And of course ya know I spent hours on the dream-analysis! BaHa! Life Coaches!). I was held softly in peace. As my life-experience with my amazing family, my gorgeous soul-sisters, this extraordinary work, my soft and kind-hearted sweetheart and love continues to grow, and burn in my heart, and weave, ever-so-gently, to-and-fro, so grows the abundant and sturdy Banyan Tree.

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