Hello Friends,

It is within the honoring of those we love that we will discover new paths toward connection. It is within the honoring that we find new ways to love. It is within the honoring that we learn new ways to be joyful, to celebrate and be grateful.     

Our holiday season is going to be different this year. Trust that we will all find joy and gratitude in celebrating, honoring and being present. 

If you’re anything like me you’re feeling like 2020 can’t be over soon enough. Out of sorts? YES! Suffering from virus, news, political, cooking, environmental and any other kind of fatigue syndrome a human being can possibly contract? CHECK! Navigating and unprepared for what the holidays will look like this year? YUP!

This time last year you may have been gathering for a holiday party. Perhaps you were planning a trip to be with your family and loved ones, or a very much needed end-of-the-year vacation. Whatever your plans were, they surely looked different this year.

There’s not a single person I know that hasn’t been touched in some way, shape or form by COVID-19. Whether you know someone who’s had it or has it; have had to delay or reschedule life because of it; lost a job; or most devastating of all, lost a loved one to it. We are all grieving something related to this virus. 

These last 10 months have been a time of deep pain, yet deep reflection. This year has brought out the worst in many, and the most radiant and beautiful qualities of even more. However, when it comes to this season, this time of year that is set aside for celebration, our hearts are finding it difficult.

How do we celebrate when so many are struggling, and in so many ways? What is the right way to observe or praise when our communities, families, friends, and loved ones are unable to gather? And is it right? Is it okay to be grateful, to be joyful when so many around us are living with loss?

I’m here to tell you this; not only is celebration warranted, it is deeply necessary.

Why is it necessary? If there is anything that we have all learned from 2020 it’s that life is extremely fragile. There are no guarantees, and no expiration dates. Today is all we have. Today is the only thing that is true and real.

When we celebrate today, it is in honor to those who have passed on. Remember and love them always. It is in honor of those we love whom we can’t be physically close to. Connect with them the very best we can. We are all in this together. Celebration and living today, to it’s most imaginative, ripest and most luscious fullness is one of the greatest honors we can gift to others, and to ourselves. Create memories within your bubble. Leave the dishes; watch the movie; love on your spouse; laugh hard, and loud, and long.

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