Self-Love? Bring On The Cheese!

Transformational Action

When I first began talking about intentional self-love as an action plan for living, I never imagined the difference it would make in my own life. Despite the fact that the term is cheesy, (similar to the CHEESE that is the title of “life coach”), and over-used in nearly every magazine, self-love is a transformational action.

When we consider the words “Self-Love” (interchangable with self-care) most of us conjure the image of a woman, laying in a bathtub, filled to capacity with bubbles, wearing a beauty mask on her face and sliced cucumbers on her eyes. Is this self-care? Who doesn’t love a long soak to soothe your body, or a hot cup of tea, in a pretty cup, to warm youl? Yes, this is definitely self-care. However, that’s not the whole of it.

The kind of self-care I refer to, perhaps arguably the most important type of self-care, is the kind that feeds your soul. This kind of internal work allows you to connect and listen to the signs and signals of your body. We all have the ability to love yourself first. You were born with that kind of confidence. You deserve it. It is your birthright.

Clean Your Body And Your Brain

Self-love grants you confidence in your own skin, whatever skin you’re in. Self-love gently guides you to live in your own integrity and truth. Self-love stops the inner critic, who is lying to you. Self-care equals boundaries that are put in place out of love, and without fear. Self-care washes and cleanses your mind, much like that sexy bubble bath cleans your body. Self-love demands more freedom, more joy, better relationships, and more peace in your life.

I won’t be giving up my weekly mani/pedi, nor my chilled face-masks. They are integral to my self-care. However, I’m also incredibly grateful for the feelings of joy, peace, confidence and freedom I’ve received by learning to love myself first. Learning these tools, and opening your heart to accept the shifts that come from them is life-changing. And these changes are far more lasting than a bubble bath.

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