Discovering Your Life Purpose

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Building Your Cathedral….

There is a story that tells of an architect talking with two bricklayers. He asks the first one what he is doing. The man responded, “I’m a bricklayer. I’m laying bricks.” When the second was asked what he was doing, he looked up to the sky and replied, “I’m building a Cathedral.”

I’ve come to learn that many people feel as though they don’t have a life purpose. That, unlike the bricklayer building his cathedral, they do not have a calling. They strive for purpose. They crave to learn their passion. If this is you, take comfort. You’re life most assuredly has a purpose. Indeed, you were born with it. It’s as solid and cellular as your DNA. And it is perfectly okay that you don’t know what it is. Right now you’re laying the bricks and creating the foundation. One day you’ll recognize that YOU ARE THE CATHEDRAL.

I have created 5 questions to help guide you on your way to your purpose. But first, what exactly does that mean, LIFE PURPOSE? Our life purpose reflects our universal need to matter, to influence. Your calling could be a passion for combating climate change; or caring and protecting your family; or creating the very best bacon-double-cheeseburger.

It’s the power behind the purpose that matters. The bricklayer who saw his work as the finished masterpiece. The father who nurtured and protected his family, and saw the good in protecting others who needed help. The chef who created a cheeseburger so lovingly and artistically that he went on to feed the souls of thousands.

Your Life Purpose is in you. It just needs a little nudge to come out.

5 Nudgey Questions

  1. Are You Living A Life Of Integrity? (And what the hell does that mean?) To put it simply, it means doing more of the the things that you want to do, and fewer of the things that you don’t want to do. It means living your truth. Author, and Oprah’s life coach, Martha Beck, describes integrity as, “The cure for ALL psychological suffering, and discovering a sense of purpose, emotional healing, and a life free from mental-suffering.”
  2. Who Is Your Tribe? These are the people who light you up. The ones who honor your essential self, the You who is pulling you toward your truest self. You have a connection that you can’t explain, but it’s truer and more real than anything else.
  3. What Do You Love? As my kids were growing up there was a time that I was asked what kind of pizza I like. I couldn’t answer, It had been so long since I had considered anything that I liked myself. So, what is it that YOU love. If you’re like I was, unable to answer this question, then ask yourself what you’re grateful for. Eventually the love will reveal itself. My list includes things like: my husband and kids, meditation, traveling, cooking, etc. And as I’ve said before, take some time and space to create your list…and make it long!
  4. What Are You Really Good At? What of the LOVE list are things that you are super awesome at? Parenting ✔︎, Listening ✔️ Creating mad-beats on your Launch-Pad? Hmmm, nope. “But I love it?” Sorry, if you’re not really good at it, it doesn’t make the list. Sure, you can add it once you become a Launch-Pad prodigy. Perhaps you’re thinking, “I’m good at these things, but I want more.” GREAT!! Don’t worry about those sneaky little thoughts. This is all about FEELING. Move on to #5.
  5. How Do You Want To Feel? We are going deeper. You’ve had a good look at your truth, your people, the stuff you love, and the stuff you’re bangin’ at. Take a few moments. Be Still. Reflect upon all of these answers. When you consider each Q&A individually, how do they land? Your feelings create sensations within your body. Butterflies? Vibrarions? Are they feelings of Joy or Anxiety? Freedom or Pain? Are these FEELING STATES the way that you, mind body and soul, want to feel? What can you do VERY SPECIFICALLY, within your life to have way more of the good feelings, and way fewer of the cruddy ones?

Are You Feeling How You Want To Feel?

As you consider these feelings, what kind of life are your moving toward? What are the things you’re adding and subtracting to create the life you want? What are you noticing? What new experiences are coming up for you? Who are you choosing to spend your time with? You are moving toward the revelation of your purpose. You are laying the bricks toward TRUE NORTH. That is GOLD, my friend.

The bricklayer who pronounced, “I’m building a cathedral!” He knew exactly what his purpose was. He just felt it!

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