During this free 30 minute check in we will discover the ideal coaching method that best suits YOU and your coaching desires. Please call or text my office at 480-239-8355, click on the chat box in my website or email me at ElizabethSmithLifeCoaching@gmail.com or to schedule.

  • Suffer with fear, anxiety, overwhelm, stress and/or low self esteem
  • People with long term/chronic health issues (Mind/Body Connection)
  • Survivors of sexual assault (in childhood or adulthood)
  • Individuals and couples with relationship issues
  • People who want deeper richer connections with themselves, loved ones and Source
  • People who feel stuck in their life or circumstances (work, parenthood, life purpose, goals, relationships)

“Can you imagine NOT craving to be different than you are right now? Here’s the paradox. Transformation begins with the Radical Acceptance of what IS.”—-Danielle LaPorte, Author


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